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Optimizing Mental, Physical & Spiritual Health

The Wilder Women Project is committed to providing experiences which address and integrate mind, body and, spirit.    We have seen that the alchemy of the outdoors and focused spiritual work is potent beyond measure.   We are committed to facilitating safe and powerful programs designed to take you deeper and connect you to Self, Spirit and a tribe of women all the while feeling the liberation of adventure in the wild.


Ashley Dwight & Cre Donovan were captured by the vision under the desert sky in Moab.  It occurred that both of us have spent our lives attending wellness retreats and going on wilderness adventures but, that the two never came together in the same format.  We had a hunch that rock-climbing/backcountry skiing/the wilderness, in general, might be the perfect and potent backdrop for things like meditation, focused and facilitate discussions about personal growth, spirituality, sexuality, accountability, personal purpose, and so much more.  Over the past three years, we have facilitated 8 trips and seen that our hunch was right.  


The name the Wilder Women Project is layered.   Beyond the initial and appropriate meaning that the words hold, the name has personal roots as Wilder Dwight was Ashley's brother who died in a skiing accident on Aspen Mountain at the age of 11.  Wilder was a free Spirit who loved nothing more than to be captivated by the wild as he surrendered to the life and way of another adventure.  Wilder also had a unique ability to connect... to connect with the mountain, his skiing and the world at large.  Wilder had this innate ability to connect with people of any age or background and was known for giving the mittens off his hands for anyone that needed them... he loved life and, people.  The project is about projecting his legacy in a very real way, into the world.  It is about providing experiences in the wild which facilitate connection, growth and joy.  

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